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    Collaborate with the server and earn rewards!
    • You receive 1 Kiss Ticket's a cada R$ 1,50 buyed.


    Access the user panel to check the methods and more information.

    We will not have sales of items such as Armor, Jewelry, Weapons we will only have the items/services listed in this list such as purchasing miscellaneous items, accessories and basic services, etc.

    First Day Donate Shop
    Account (VIP 30 Days) 30 Kiss Coin
    Nobless Stats 20 Kiss Coin
    Clan Full Lv.8 + Skills 20 Kiss Coin
    Accessory pDef/mDef 30 Kiss Coin
    Level 80 10 Kiss Coin
    Chage Class 20 Kiss Coin
    Chage Name 20 Kiss Coin
    Chage Sex 10 Kiss Coin
    Skins NO STATUS 10 Kiss Coin
    Weapons Skins NO STATUS 60 Kiss Coin
    Shields NO STATUS 10 Kiss Coin
    x1 Color Name 10 Kiss Coin

    Third Day Donate Shop
    Tattoo Lv.3 20 Kiss Coin
    Shirt or Ability 50 Kiss Coin

    Hero Donate Released after Olympiad reward
    Hero (30 Days) 100 Kiss Coin

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    "O Senhor está comigo, não temerei. O que me podem fazer os homens?" (Salmos 118:6)