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    The information below is intended to make the main aspects of the server clear to the public and facilitate their journey on the server.

    Server Details Rates
    Experience (XP) x500
    Skill Points (SP) x500
    Rate Drop Adena x500
    Premium Account (VIP) x2

    Buffs: 30+4, All buffs in NPC and Scheme System.
    Armors: Titanium, Infernus, Dark Knight, Dynasty, Elegia
    Weapons: S-Grade, Epic, Freya, Icarus, Dynasty
    Accessories: Increase P.def and M.def.
    Jewels Boss: Farm SHOP.
    Chars Start: Lv.1 (Bishop tem Nobless Temporario).
    Status Noblesse: Last Hit
    Level Area Guide 1-76 each Level
    Party Rules: Max 2bishop; 2necromancer; 2warlord/duelist; 2overlord; 2titan/tank;
    PvP Color: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000 pvps
    Auto Farm System: Free for All

    Clan/Ally System
    Members Clan:(50 Members)
    Number of clans in ally: 3 clan's
    Royal and Knights: Disabled
    AntiZerg Epic/Raid/Siege: 3 Partys (21 Players) Max 7 players per Party.

    Enchant System
    Safe: +4 | Max: +25 Weapon, Armor and Jewels.
    Normal Scroll: 66% até +10 | após cai 5% de enchante até +25 (máximo)
    On failure the weapon broken
    Blessed Scroll: 70% até +10 | após cai 5% de enchante até +25 (máximo)
    On failure the weapon returns to +4

    Argument System
    TOP Life Stone: 1% Chance obtain Skill (1 active and 1 passive)
    Chance de Status: 1% (Ex: INT +1, STR+1, CON+1).
    Weapon Augmented: tradeable with announce.

    Event system
    Team vs Team: 1 in 1 Hour
    Kill the Boss: 10:30 | 16:30 | 20:30
    Party Zones: 15:30 | 19:30
    (60 min Duration).
    Daily Mission: (Reset every day at 12:00hrs GMT-3).

    Time: 18h to 00h GMT-3.
    Items: Grade-S / Allowed Jewels Boss.
    Enchant: +6 on Arena / Custom Items Blocked.
    Period: 7 in 7 Days.
    Minimum 9 Games, Minimum 15 Points to be Hero.

    Period: 7 in 7 Days (120 minutes duration).
    Only registered clans can join the siege
    Status Castles:
    Gludio: (STR +1 / INT +1) | Dion: (DEX +1 / WIT +1) | Giran: (STR +1 / MEN +1)
    Oren: (CON +1 / MEN +1) | Aden: (DEX +1 / MEN +1) | Innadril: (CON+1 / INT+1)
    Goddard: (DEX +1 / INT +1) | Rune: (STR +1 / WIT +1) | Shuttgart: (CON +1 / WIT +1)
    Clan Hall Buffs

    Injection Protections.
    DDoS protection.
    Maximum number of 2 client windows running.
    You can only go to the farm with 1 client per (HWID).
    Use of Bots with automatic detection through Captcha. Penalty: 1st Time Jail 60 min. Next permanent ban.
    Uso de Bots com deteccao manual atraves de inspecao da Staff. Penalidade: 1º Vez Jail de 24h. Proxima ban permanente.
    As config e recursos que nao foram relatados aqui sao de retail, ou seja, iguais ao Lineage II oficial ou foram considerados irrelevantes.

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    "O Senhor está comigo, não temerei. O que me podem fazer os homens?" (Salmos 118:6)